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Violet: How come you have a different surname from your mom? Your mother's name is Dahlia Blacktool while you're Biffantte Dravenne?

Biffantte: I am not her real daughter, I am adopted.

Violet: Adopted? That explains the difference of your eyes.

Biffantte: Are you telling me that part of me is just like her?

Violet: Haha... I didn't say anything.

[Violet laughs while Biffantte sighs]

Violet: Hey! It's Joachim! Here kitty, kitty... JOACHIM!

[Violet is calling the cat. Sound of a cat's shriek.]

Biffantte: Be careful with my cat!

[Cat struggles]

Violet:  Don't worry. Joachim will be fine.

Biffantte: Come to think of it, Dahlia also abuse Joachim. That cat is used to different kinds of abuse.

Violet: How does your mom abuse Joachim?

Joachim: WOW!

Violet: JOACHIM! SHHH...

[Cat stops to shriek]

Biffantte: There are times, Dahlia would put a bag on his head or kick him or torture him just to amuse herself.

[Violet laughs.]

Violet: It's ok. He's still alive. So, how did you get stuck with Ms. Blacktool?

Biffantte: It was a snowy night, dear Violet. I was hungry but I could not find anything to eat.

Violet: Why? No money?

[Biffantte laughs.]

Biffantte: Yes. I do not have money at that moment. I was cold and only Joachim was my companion. I have to feed Joachim too. I sat beside the garbage cans in an alley while waiting for Joachim to finish his business then a woman came to me.

Violet: That's your current mom, right?

Biffantte: Indeed. She is Dahlia Blacktool. She stretched her hand and I took it. She feed me with human food.

Violet: Human food?

Biffantte: H-Human food, of course. There is a great difference between cat food and human food.

Violet: Why would your mom feed you cat food? Stupid!

[They both laugh but Biffantte's laugh is weak.]

Violet: Poor little Biffantte. How come my little sister ended up in the trash? It's a good thing Ms. Blacktool is nice.

Biffantte: Nice? She is not all nice.

Violet: Can you explain that to me, imouto-chan?

Biffantte: We fight a lot. She can not understand my reasons. I am older than her so I would know better.

Violet: You're not. She is older than you. You're still 18.

Biffantte: My mind is older.

Violet: Yeah right!

Biffantte: But there are also times that she is right. Whenever I get angry, I just go berserk and do not care about others. Being with her made me see what the other side looks like. What it is like to be human.

Violet: You sounded like you're not human, again. What kind of a creature are you? A giant?

Biffantte: I am not a giant. I am a vamp-human.

Violet: That explains the gothic style.

Biffantte: You like Goth too?

Violet: By heart, YEAH! but I am no vamp like you.

Biffantte: I am not a vamp.

Violet: You just said a moment ago.

Biffantte: I did? Do you have an evidence to prove my guilt?

Violet: I am recording everything in my recorder, silly girl.

Biffantte: Recorder? Turn it off. Remove the file.

Violet: Ok. Ok. I'll even show you. See.
Biffantte is a pure-blood vampire who travelled to city of humans to find a companion. She be friended two humans, Victoria and Violet. They both knew she is a vampire. Because of the rules that if a human knew who you are, you must kill or make them a vampire. What will happen if the vampire community finds out their little secret?

A collection of journals from Biffantte, Violet and Victoria about Biffantte's experiences in the city of humans.
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