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I let Yan borrow my guitar and listen to him play. He is really an expert in playing the guitar. He is so cool. Kyaaa~! >.< He said that he would teach me how to play guitar but he didn't. He just played with my guitar. T_T But because of that, I spent almost 3 hours with him. >.< He left me because he has to attend his class but he returned the guitar. He almost forgot. XD

I decided to go to the library to kill some time while waiting for my next class. At least, I still have time to read "How to Speak and Write Japanese." Hahaha...

I was on my way to the library when Biffantte saw me. She seems to be in a furious state when she approached me.

"Ms. Montellier, can I ask you a question?" Biffantte asked urgently.

"Sure. Let's sit on a bench." I replied.

We both sat on the nearest bench we could find.

"If you know that you are doing it for a friend's life to be better then you would do everything, right?" Biffantte asked.

"Of course. If it is for the better. What happened?"

"Helena. She is going to do something odious that would change her life for the worse."

"What would that be?"

Biffantte looked at me skeptically.

"I won't tell anyone. Promise." I told her as I raised my right hand as a swear.

"Since I have noticed that you always keep your word. I will tell you. She is abandoning her home." She revealed.


This is serious. Running away is serious. O.o

"She is going to marry a human." She added.


I've heard the worst case. This is really not good at all. For all I know, eloping never had a good outcome. Once you decide to elope, there is not turning back. You have to live with it.

"That's awful!" I said.

"The direst thing I've ever heard from her." she told me.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I beseeched at her. I told her that this is a very dire action that she could do."

"What happened?"

"She got irate. She told me that she does not want to see me again."

I sighed. -.- Poor little girl. She only wants what is good for her friend but her friend didn't listen to her.

"You should let her be. If your plea does not reach her heart then let her go. It's the only way. But you shouldn't let your friendship be shattered to pieces because of this." I said.

"That is tolerable. I will go and search for her. Thank you." She said then left.

I had nosebleed when I noticed her choice of words. They are somewhat different. Is she like this when she has problems? I could learn from her to become a good writer. I should speak to her more often especially when she has problems. *Go! Fighting! mode*
Biffantte is a pure-blood vampire who travelled to city of humans to find a companion. She be friended two humans, Victoria and Violet. They both knew she is a vampire. Because of the rules that if a human knew who you are, you must kill or make them a vampire. What will happen if the vampire community finds out their little secret?

A collection of journals from Biffantte, Violet and Victoria about Biffantte's experiences in the city of humans.
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May 28, 2013
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