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 I despise the Full Moon Festival for the reason that every lady has to choose their mate. It is so trouble-some that I can't choose a mate or even a companion for myself. I know that my father, Count Vincent Dravenne, who is the most influential vampire in our small town, is very worried. I wanted to choose a good mate but I can not find one. I have this feeling that Barron Vermont is threatening a good mate for me. I do not like Barron one bit. He is self-centered and I know that he is only after our family name.

It is again, the Full Moon Festival where every single vampire lady choose a gentleman to spend the rest of her eternity with. On a night like this, I leave my house and run to the woods where no one can ask me to choose a gentleman. I stay in the woods to hunt or admire the moon's beauty until the festival is over.

One night, I saw a black cat in the woods. His furs is perfectly smooth and black as the night. His eyes are as blue as the water of the ocean. Ah... His paw is as soft as a pillow. I pressed his paw again and again. This creature seems to like the way I frolic with him. Alas! It was over when Vermont's guards saw me in the woods and took me to the plaza. Everyone, including my father, the great Count Vincent Dravenne is there and waiting for me to choose my companion. I have no choice. I can not escape this moment. I held on the cat tightly and took a deep breath.

"I choose Joachim." I shouted.

Everyone in the plaza was surprised, especially Barron. They kept on calling Joachim but no one came. My father approached me and smiled sweetly at me.

"Who is Joachim, my dear?" he asked.

"This cat." I replied.

Everyone laughed at me. I know my father was embarrassed. I buried my face on the cat's fur.

"It only means that no one in this village is fit for a Dravenne." someone from the crowd shouted.

They all kept quiet and tried to search the owner of the voice but they could not find him.

"That man is right. No one here has the right to be her mate." Another man shouted.

They also tried to search for the owner of that voice but they failed.

"MEOW-WOW-WEOW!" the cat said.

I must have tightened my grip to Joachim so I loosen it. My father smiled.

"Come, my child. Let us take Joachim home." My father told me.

When we reached home, I looked at my father whose smile is not fading from his face. I lied on my bed while he sat beside me. Joachim seems to be at home in my room and let himself lay by my side.

"My dear, you know that your mother and I met in the Full Moon Festival and I was chosen by your mother in the same festival, that is the very reason why the Full Moon Festival is important to me." He said.

I looked down and caressed Joachim. I know that he is very disappointed in me.

"But if you can not find your own mate in this village I may let you leave and find him." he added.

I gasped and looked at my gather. His never fading youth. He still looks like the way he met my mother, and his charming smile he is wearing right now. I want to know if this is just my dream.

"You know our rules. Just do not let anyone know that you are a vampire. It is either you turn them in to one of us or they will die." My father said.

I just nodded. He kissed my forehead and let me sleep.

"It is almost dawn. You must resat for tomorrow night's journey." He said and left my room.

That dawn, as I sleep, I dreamed of Joachim turning into a man and that there are two other men in my balcony.

"Meow-wow-weow? Is that all you can say?" one of them asked then laughed.

"If I said something, Biffantte's life is over." Joachim replied.

"Why not transform in front of them?" the other asked.

"BIffantte never chose me. She chose my cat." Joachim replied.

"Who happens to be missing?" One said.

"They found your cat now." The other told Joachim.

"Let's give it to her. She'll be sad if she finds me missing." Joachim said.

I opened my eyes and looked at the direction of the balcony but found no one. I looked for Joachim but he is missing. I went to my father's room and told him that my cat is gone.My father launched a search party for Joachim. My father comforted me for my loss and escorted me back to my room. To our surprise, Joachim was on my bed, sleeping. My father laughed at me and left me to sleep in my room.

"Where have you been?" I asked Joachim who seems to ignore me.

I was angry that I am ready to punish Joachim but I let him be and sat beside him.

"Ah... The rose has awakened." Barron said as he opened my door and entered my room.

I looked at him furiously and punished him by mentally giving him pain.

As a vampire, my special skill is to punish a person even if I do not touch him. I just think of ways to punish him and it is done. He will feel pain.

Barron was unconscious on my floor. I called for the guards to remove the insolent man in my room. When the guards left, I locked my room and caressed Joachim until I fell asleep.
Biffantte is a pure-blood vampire who travelled to city of humans to find a companion. She be friended two humans, Victoria and Violet. They both knew she is a vampire. Because of the rules that if a human knew who you are, you must kill or make them a vampire. What will happen if the vampire community finds out their little secret?

A collection of journals from Biffantte, Violet and Victoria about Biffantte's experiences in the city of humans.
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