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  Rafael told me that he has no affections for Helena. He also added that he prefer I than Helena and that if I would reject his feelings, he would take me by force. I was alarmed by his statements by he laughed and said that it is only a hoax. He even told me dire things about Helena. He told me how he despise everything Helena does whenever she sees him.

  I can not take that part. Helena is my friend so I told her about Rafael's statements. When I told Helena, she became irate to Rafael. From then on, she does not care about Rafael. Even I do not talk to him anymore.

 Rafael kept on apologizing to me and not to Helena. He was doing bizarre things just to have my forgiveness. I wonder about his reasons. Why would he do such? I was not the one whom he had offended. He should be apologizing to Helena. Helena is a good friend of mine. I would not let her down but there is something strange in me that I can not understand. It is like something is creating inside of me towards Rafael. What could it be?

  As I find out, I do not like what this feeling is. Am I having affections towards a human?

  Helena told me her secrets. She narrated to me her past and the reason she dislike her life. I have an attachment to Helena. She is like a mother to me so I told her about my secret too. I told her that I am a vampire. She was dumbfounded at first but she was not afraid. She asked me a lot about my kind and about the experiences I am having as one. I told her about being one is forlorn. I even told her about the Full Moon Festival in my county.

  I would not want to let her go. In a moment, I asked her to become like me.She paused for a moment but agreed. In an instant that she agreed, I made her like me.
Biffantte is a pure-blood vampire who travelled to city of humans to find a companion. She be friended two humans, Victoria and Violet. They both knew she is a vampire. Because of the rules that if a human knew who you are, you must kill or make them a vampire. What will happen if the vampire community finds out their little secret?

A collection of journals from Biffantte, Violet and Victoria about Biffantte's experiences in the city of humans.
hairohibiki Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
the interesting part and the one with error is not yet published :)
harukaflareakizuki Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The second book you mean? Hahaha... I love the second book and the third book... those book are full of action... according to me of course.. Let's just say, I wanna post everything here so everyone can relate... will post a lot soon...
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