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Biffantte: Existence - Violet's Diary (Ch 7)
Biffantte told me what happened to Helena. I was disappointed at her but who could blame her for following her heart? She is only human, after all. Err... Human by heart... Err... Ex-human or some sort. Barney! These vampire stuff is confusing. (>.w< But! We still have to wait until he confesses.
Barney! Why does saying your feelings embarrassing? It would be easier if we can just tell each other what we think or feel about each other. I'm also embarrassed to tell Yan about my feelings for him even though I know it won't last long. Shucks! It's really hard to tell people your true feelings. I hope one day. Someday, I will be confident enough to tell Yan that I like him but I'm not going to wait for an answer coz I know the answer already. I like in Heartbreak City anyway. >.>
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Gundam Heavy Arms Custom by harukaflareakizuki Gundam Heavy Arms Custom :iconharukaflareakizuki:harukaflareakizuki 0 0
Biffantte: Existence - Biffantte's Memory (Ch 6)
How could Helena leave me for a human? After what I have done for her? I thought that she would stay with me forever.
Helena and I met in a store. She told me that she is not irate with me. She is only doing that act so I could try living my life without her. I kept quiet as I listen to her. I was irritated with this situation. The reason for this irritation is Helena's beau, Treton Harrisburg. He is only a mere human but he can destroy such good friendship between Helena and I. If I were to meet him alone, I would surely kill him even if Helena would get mad at me. Should I care? She left me for him.
Helena also asked me to turn her back to human. As much as I wanted to, I can not. I told her that it is beyond my capability. She was disappointed when I told her that. She seems to regret become like me. I am starting to hate humans again because of this. I told her about one myth that my ancestors believed in. The mystic spring that can turn vampires to humans. She asked the reason why
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Biffantte: Existence - Violet's Diary (Ch 5)
I let Yan borrow my guitar and listen to him play. He is really an expert in playing the guitar. He is so cool. Kyaaa~! >.< He said that he would teach me how to play guitar but he didn't. He just played with my guitar. T_T But because of that, I spent almost 3 hours with him. >.
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Biffantte: Existence - BIffantte's Memory (Ch 4)
  Rafael told me that he has no affections for Helena. He also added that he prefer I than Helena and that if I would reject his feelings, he would take me by force. I was alarmed by his statements by he laughed and said that it is only a hoax. He even told me dire things about Helena. He told me how he despise everything Helena does whenever she sees him.
  I can not take that part. Helena is my friend so I told her about Rafael's statements. When I told Helena, she became irate to Rafael. From then on, she does not care about Rafael. Even I do not talk to him anymore.
 Rafael kept on apologizing to me and not to Helena. He was doing bizarre things just to have my forgiveness. I wonder about his reasons. Why would he do such? I was not the one whom he had offended. He should be apologizing to Helena. Helena is a good friend of mine. I would not let her down but there is something strange in me that I can not understand. It is like something is creating inside of me towa
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Biffantte: Existence - Biffantte's Memory (Ch 3)
  Ms. Dahlia Blacktool adopted me. At first, she does not believe that I am 180 years. She pointed at the old man outside our house who was on a movable chair and told me that he looks like 180 years. I jolted. She told me that I look like 15 years. I laughed at her praise but vampires do not age. But if you were born a vampire you will reach a certain age that you would not age anymore. A vampire will be youthful forever. This is, of course, according to my father. I have not reached that certain age so far. One can wonder when my aging will stop.
  I told her that I am not 15 years instead, I told her that I am of 18 years. She mocked me and did not believe that I am 18. I tried my best to make her believe that that is my age. After a long mockery and explaining, she believed me.
  Dahlia Blacktool is my guardian ever since she took me. She is a pleasant young lady and also a human.
  I despise humans from the moment I saw them slaughter my mother. I tried to slay
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Biffantte:Existence-Voice Recorder of Violet (Ch2)
Violet: How come you have a different surname from your mom? Your mother's name is Dahlia Blacktool while you're Biffantte Dravenne?
Biffantte: I am not her real daughter, I am adopted.
Violet: Adopted? That explains the difference of your eyes.
Biffantte: Are you telling me that part of me is just like her?
Violet: Haha... I didn't say anything.
[Violet laughs while Biffantte sighs]
Violet: Hey! It's Joachim! Here kitty, kitty... JOACHIM!
[Violet is calling the cat. Sound of a cat's shriek.]
Biffantte: Be careful with my cat!
[Cat struggles]
Violet:  Don't worry. Joachim will be fine.
Biffantte: Come to think of it, Dahlia also abuse Joachim. That cat is used to different kinds of abuse.
Violet: How does your mom abuse Joachim?
Joachim: WOW!
Violet: JOACHIM! SHHH...
[Cat stops to shriek]
Biffantte: There are times, Dahlia would put a bag on his head or kick him or torture him just to amuse herself.
[Violet laughs.]
Violet: It's ok. He's still alive. So, how did you get stuck with
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Biffantte: Existence - Biffantte's Memory (Ch1)
 I despise the Full Moon Festival for the reason that every lady has to choose their mate. It is so trouble-some that I can't choose a mate or even a companion for myself. I know that my father, Count Vincent Dravenne, who is the most influential vampire in our small town, is very worried. I wanted to choose a good mate but I can not find one. I have this feeling that Barron Vermont is threatening a good mate for me. I do not like Barron one bit. He is self-centered and I know that he is only after our family name.
It is again, the Full Moon Festival where every single vampire lady choose a gentleman to spend the rest of her eternity with. On a night like this, I leave my house and run to the woods where no one can ask me to choose a gentleman. I stay in the woods to hunt or admire the moon's beauty until the festival is over.
One night, I saw a black cat in the woods. His furs is perfectly smooth and black as the night. His eyes are as blue as the water of the ocean. Ah... His pa
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Biffantte: Existence - Violet's Diary (Prologue)
"Take care." my friend said as I rode a taxi.
When I sat down, I smiled at her as she waved her hand
"You too." I said.
As the taxi sped up, I watch her went back to her subdivision. I had a great time with her today. Biffantte has taken good care of me.
Biffantte Dravenne is her name. Her skin is as pale as snow, her hair is black as... uhm... let's just say that she can be Snow White in beauty. No... I think her beauty surpasses that. Or is it because Snow White doesn't have added "charms" like Biffantte has? I bet Helen of Troy will be ignored if one lay eyes on her. But the thing is BIffantte has a charm that can attract both men and women. I know this sounds crazy but it's crazier once you've seen girls flirting at her or boys lurking like vampires.
Funny about the last term I used in boys... "Vampires." Actually, Biffantte is one. When she was introduced to me by my ex-friend, she seems alluring. I like her in an instant but there's this aura that I can't understand but I just ig
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Acto XIV - Futureless by Choco-menta Acto XIV - Futureless :iconchoco-menta:Choco-menta 390 144
its been a while since i last updated this deviant page of mine :/
currently working on my lightning cosplay. 
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More Story Updates Before July

Tue May 28, 2013, 10:20 PM


I would like to give my thanks to those people who read my story. (If there is someone who is reading them.) This is my first story that I have written in journals. (I have to admit, it is hard. Think about the characters' personalities and also you do not want them to look out of character.)

I am trying my best to edit them since I have finished them already. Since the exam, I have time to edit a lot. (Which means, I will post a lot. XD) But I have an upcoming event which will hinder my updates. That would be in the month of July and August.

I will try my best to post a lot this month or finish the book 1 this month. (Hoping I would be able to finish typing it.)

Your comments is appreciated. Please do tell me if it's not good or I'm getting out of character or something. I do not mind negative stuff. I also do not mind positive stuff.

Thank you again.


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About me? Hmm... I love to write stories, lyrics and stuff. I also like to draw but most of it are not good. I love to listen to music especially, JROCK but limited bands. I also like taking pictures of something out of this world or people have not seen before or something good.

I also play games, crochetting, knitting, book making, baking cakes and cake pops, making chocolate lollipops, chatting, browsing the web and so on.. So much for life.. XD


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